‘Contest of Elements’

Today’s installment of the contest of elements resulted in a hard fought draw; much to the collective’s dismay. I’m not that fussed. We’ll see a different outcome tomorrow and transference will bring dissent the weather’s way. We wish away the bravado of the wicked wind but when the warmth arrives victorious we retreat from the honest light it shines on us.

This heat caressed my neck as the walk to work illuminated and I could only grit my teeth and frown, I can no longer shy away as it lingers still. I seek out this lurking aggravation to interrogate it. I hear drunken laughter in the living room, the frustration chips away at the back of my marble head. I like that image but the phrasing is clunky. That’s annoying. However, none of this is the source.

Perhaps it’s that I’ve been sat here for an hour and a half and written about a hundred words? I want to dim the lights and turn on the PS4. This does bother me but it’s only a shot in the pitcher. I’m safe in the knowledge that I’ll be better for this first attempt. I take a break for procrastination’s sake. I could Netflix and snooze. I discover a kitchen littered with debris. I should probably complain about this, but who complains about dishes? Then again, why is washing dishes so damn difficult? This internal discussion is tiring, it’s only bloody dishes.

I already know I’m not going to reach a thousand words, which by the way is a stellar song in Final Fantasy X-2 which I’m currently replaying on the PS4. I’ve fond memories of shutting the sun out from disrupting vision of the TV when I was younger. My mind feels muddled, I think this translates to the page rather well. I’ll probably giggle about this fact in class if I have to read this out. I think the route of this aggravation is not confronting things enough. The vices which I retreat from slot out of place like Tetris blocks, but the game just starts again. Today it’s an essay to blame, tomorrow it’s the weather.